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Who Are We?

We are a Website all about drones, We are part of a group called Shack Group. We sell drones of all kinds from airplane drones to helicopter drones, Including all accessories. We run as an affiliate site from the major online store Amazon. Every product on our site is through Amazon and we carefully choose the products from their site and display here for your easy access to the best products we possibly find and at a reasonable price.

You ask why buy from us and not directly from Amazon? We have searched through every listing on Amazon and read all reviews for the drones and picked out the best priced and the best quality products to save you searching.

What is a Drone?

Drones have massively improved over the few short years they have been out, They have developed from remote controlled flying machines to high end flying machines with the best in technology and fitted with cameras that can take stunning images. Drones are used all over the world in different industries including armed forces, Police officers and photographers.

Drones now come in various shapes and sizes, Even made available for kids to have fun and prices start from only £20.00! Check them out in the drone section for Kids.

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